Residential Solar & Batteries

Here at Millennial Power Group, we understand that not every household has the same energy usage habits. What we recommend as the best solution for your neighbour, is unlikely to be the best solution for you. We offer an extensive list of sustainable energy options, to ensure you have been given the best possible design available to suit your home.

To begin your sustainable journey contact us and enquire for one of our energy experts to come out and assess your requirements. We will work with you and your needs so that you are confident with the solution we offer, free of charge.


General Electrical

Our vast industry experience allows us to offer all forms of electrical installations including maintenance, general work, new home builds, renovations and communication. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


Commercial Solar

If you own your building or have a lease with at least two years left on it, you need solar. Most businesses operate with a large proportion of their energy consumption happening during the day, so why not make it free energy with a commercial solar system?


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